Our general was a cat (2020)
VOGUE 1982
L and J (2021)
Mother Earth
Ryan M (2020)
Kiko Mizuhara
Rainy fun days (2021)
Some inconvenient man (2020)
White Roses
Yuzu Bath (2020)
"Home (2020)"
Misawa Winter 2014 #1 (2020)
Misawa Winter 2014 #2(2020)
Funky Grandma No.1
Funky Grandma No.2
Funky Grandma No.3
Funky Grandma No.4
Shinzo Abe Portrait
Taro Aso Portrait
Shinjiro Koizumi Portrait
Saturday Light
Anywhere Door
Sunbaked (2020)
No title (2021)
The Box 2014 No.1
The Box 2014 No.2
Essential Etiquette for Men : Facial Hair
Essential Etiquette for Men : Body Odor
ZEN (2020)
The Trio at Sento
The Samson’s (2020)
Delpozo SS 2017
Gucci Cruise 2018
Cousin From Neptune (2020)
Summer House
Andy Warhol
Skewered Dumplings with Matcha
The world famous attorney Joseph (2020)
Impassive Bystanders
Le Coucou
" Racoon's Comeback (2020) "
Gucci fall winter 2019
Man in Lisbon
Armin Aka The God Of Night_
"EFJ 1"
"EFJ 2"
Valentino WC AW2019/20
Vintage lady
Red Bean Paste on Toast
Rodarte NFW FW 2019
Christian Dior Haute Couture SS2017
Bette Davis
Hayao Miyazaki
Bella Hadid Backstage
Bella Hadid
Fall 1991
Fashion Illustration
Dolce and Gabbana Fashion Show
Valentino Fashion Show
Louis Garrel
Chanel Beauty Store in Paris
Christian Dior Fashion Show
Dolce and Gabbana Fashion Show
Valentino Fashion Show
Gucci Fall Winter 2019
Lips 2018
Yayoi Kusama
Butter on Toast
$120,000 Chicken Bone